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Newtown Soccer Club - Referee Payment Form
(Fall/2013 Season)
Amount given to coach:   $      
Amount paid to referees:   $      Referees should be paid at halftime.
Amount to be returned:   $      
At the end of the season, please return the signed referee payment form and any unused money (check made out to Newtown Soccer Club), to Newtown Soccer Club, PO Box 193, Newtown CT 06470
Recreational   If one center ref        
Division If One Ref and 2 line refs*        
U6/U8 Rec  $25  N/A        
U10 Rec $35 $30, $20        
U14 Rec $45 $40, $25        
* If a line ref does not show, enlist a parent to do the lines (out of bounds calls only)    
Date Referee Name Referee Signature Amount Paid