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Newtown Soccer Club Directory

Address: P.O. Box 193, Newtown, CT 06470(Note: In the off season the P.O. Box is not checked often)


The Newtown Soccer Club is a volunteer organization. To contact a Director, Coaching Staff or Administrative Staff member, please click on their name.

Board of Directors

Role Name Number E-Mail Address

Jon DelPozo

(203) 470-8274

VP of Travel

Emily Snayd ​​


2093 395 8834


VP of Recreation Rebecca Hall (203) 770-3320 allrebecca1978@gmail.com
VP of Development  David Troy 203 733 4536 dmtroy@hotmail.com
VP of Finance/Treasurer Robert Franson   rfranson@aresmgmt.com
VP of Facilities Jennifer Newsom (860) 916-8845 emtjenn68@yahoo.com
Secretary Lindsay Knauf   Lindsay.knauf@gmail.com
VP of Operations  Amy McLeod 203 482 7617



Administrative Staff


Role Name Number E-Mail Address
Field Maintenance Jennifer Newsom (860) 916-8845 mtjenn68@yahoo.com
Field Scheduling Linda Hess 203-470-6109 iris635new@gmail.com
Marketing & Events Coordination Amy McLeod 203 482 7617


Sponsor Coordinator

Amy McLeod

203 482 7617 Operations@newtownsoccerclub.org
MMD Tournament Director Emily Snayd

203 395 8834


Purchasing Agent Amy McLeod 203 482 7617 Operations@newtownsoccerclub.org
Registrar - Travel Jessica Flores-Bryant 914-906-1833 jflo.bry.19@gmail.com
Registrar - Recreation Jessica Flores-Bryant                           
Events Director Amy McLeod (203) 395-8834


Referee Assignor Mike Gajdosik (203) 868-5854
Webmaster Rebecca Hall 203 770 3320



Note: The @newtownsoccerclub.org email addresses listed above are aliases (ie: that is not their real address, our server automatically forwards them to the individual's home email address). So you will not receive mail from the addresses shown above, you will receive mail from their own address, which can be confusing.

Newtown Soccer Club Bylaws:

https://s3.amazonaws.com/files.leagueathletics.com/Images/Club/6311/Newtown_Soccer_Club_Bylaws_Oct19 vote.docx