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Newtown Soccer Club - Nighthawks Travel Program

The club is pleased to announce a new partnership directly with the High School Athletics program and Newtown Boys Varsity Coach Charley Amblo.

Our coaching directors, our own Nick Booth and Fairfield Prep Varsity Boys Soccer Coach Ryan Lyddy will be working with the Newtown Soccer Club to ensure fair and fun tryout for all players.

We are very happy to have this partnership directly with the high school and look forward to a great 2018-2019 season.


Fall - Spring 2018/2019 Tryout Schedule

Newtown Travel Q&A Coming Soon




Tuesday June 5th 4:30* - 9:00 PM - Treadwell Turf

Wednesday June 6th 4:30* - 9 PM - Treadwell Turf

*Start times dependent on High School Sports Playoffs.  There could be delays of 30 - 60 minutes.

Treadwell Memorial Park

Philo Curtis Rd, Sandy Hook, CT 06482

Boys & Girls

Age Groups U9 – U15

U9/U10 (2011/2009)  -  4:30* - 6:00 PM

U11/U12 (2008/2007)  -  6:00 -7:30 PM

U13/U15 (2006/2005/2004)  - 7:30 - 9 PM

*Start times dependent on High School Sports Playoffs.  There could be delays of 30 - 60 minutes.

Monday June 11th 5:30 - 7:30 PM - Tilson Turf at Treadwell Park

Supplemental Tryout for those who cannot make either of the tryout sessions on 5th and 6th


Age Requirements:

Team                                                            Birthdate Range


U-9 Travel

Jan. 1, 2011 through Dec. 31, 2010

U-10 Travel

Jan. 1, 2009 through Dec. 31, 2009

U-11 Travel

Jan. 1, 2008 through Dec. 31, 2008

U-12 Travel

Jan. 1, 2007 through Dec. 31, 2007

U-13 Travel

Jan. 1, 2006 through Dec. 31, 2006

U-15 Travel

Jan. 1, 2005 through Dec. 31, 2004

U-16 Travel is for Spring 2018 Only (tryouts in November)

Jan. 1, 2004 through Dec. 31, 2002

U-19 Travel is for

Spring 2018 Only (tryouts in November)

Jan. 1, 2002 through Dec. 31, 2000




  • All players, recreational, travel and premier can tryout for the travel team

  • Current travel players need to tryout every year to continue to play. Being on a team one year is not a guarantee of making a team, or the same team the next year.




We will be offering the following options

  • U9 – U10 including Winter Training will cost $1300 for Fall, Winter and Spring
  • U9 – U10 not including Winter Training will cost $1100 for Fall and Spring
  • U11 – U15 including Winter Training will cost $1200 for Fall, Winter and Spring
  • U11 – U15 not including Winter Training will cost $1000 for Fall and Spring
  • The cost total cost can be paid at once or over a payment schedule (4 months)
  • These costs do include all coaching fees but do not include uniform costs
  • There is a $300 fee for registering to tryout.  This fee is refunded if your son or daughter does not get placed on a travel team
  • For the players who are offered placement on a team, the first payment of the registration plan you subscribed to is taken on September 1st.  Payments after this are based on the payment plan you subscribed to.
  • All refunds after the season has started will be based on a prorated calculation based on number of practices and sessions which your son/daughter have already participated in for the current season.
  • There are no refunds for travel players who stop playing for their travel team after February 1st.
  • Players who are hurt during the season are eligible for a prorated refund based on remaining practice and games still left in the season.


Before you arrive:

  • You must already be registered for Travel soccer via our online registration system.  The link for registration is posted on the home page.

  • All Travel registrations must be completed online to attend tryouts.

  • All players that register for Travel and are not accepted or do not accept placement on a travel team will have their registration subscription cancelled in order to register for pre-travel.


When you arrive for the first session be sure to bring:

  • Please wear a white shirt - no jerseys from any clubs should be worn

  • A soccer ball (U9/10/11/12 - size 4, otherwise size 5)

  • Water

  • Cleats and shin guards

All players are required to attend both tryouts in order to be considered and to ensure the best possible chance of making a team.

If you cannot attend both tryouts, please make this known to the person checking in the players at the field.  

Please remember to go on line and register your child for tryouts.  Registration ends midnight before the day that try outs start.