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Recreational Players / Parents Information

Newtown Soccer Club is proud to have close to 800 children participating in it's Recreation division  from U5 through High School.



All NEW teams will be formed for the Fall 2019 season and will remain together for the Spring 2020 season. We will not accept friend requests or preferred team placement requests.




The official schedules for the Recreation league are posted on this website. Please disregard any other dates.

U5 and U6 begin Saturday 9.14

U5:  Saturday’s, 11:00-11:45
U6:  Saturday’s, 12:00-12:45

U7 Girls:  Practice Tuesday 5:00-6:00
U8 Girls:  Practice Tuesday 6:00-7:00

U7 Boys:  Practice Thursday 5:00-6:00
U8 Boys:  Practice Thursday 6:00-7:00
Gil will run the U7/U8 practices like he did in the spring.

U7/U8 Games:  9am for U8 and 10:15 for U7.


U7 & U8

                Practices begin Sept 10 for Tuesday groups  

                Practices begin Sept 12 for Thursday groups  

                First Game Sat Sept 14

                Without rainouts, all ends Sat Nov 2


                Game makeup Nov 9

                If practice rains out before Oct 15, we will schedule a makeup for ~2 weeks later on a different day & time

On the higher new field. The 7v7 field should be on the section closest to the school 
DO NOT walk on the softball field and to give it a wide berth if anyone is there. Go to the end of the school bldg on the right side of the softball field and enter the grass field there, thanks!

Team Practice







  • Players are required to bring soccer shoes, socks over shin guards, appropriate size soccer ball and a water bottle to all practices. U5-U6 sneakers are fine!
  • Players must arrive for warm ups at least 10 minutes before the scheduled practice start time, since the trainers often start the session and we want to use their time for soccer training rather than warming up, and we want the players to be ready to go when the practice starts.



  • Players are required to bring soccer shoes, socks over shin guards, a water bottle while wearing the full uniform. U5/U6 can wear either cleats or sneakers. If they are indoors then sneakers are the only footwear allowed. U7/U8/U10/U14/High School divisions will have the opportunity to purchase a jersey before the first session. The players will receive the official team uniform from the coach before the games start for the season. 
  • Players must arrive at least 15 minutes before the scheduled game start time! It is important to get warmed up and ready to play before the game starts.
  • For U7/U8/U10/U14/High School, coaches will have scrimmage/game balls
  • Only coaches/trainers can be on the coach’s sideline during a game.
  • No zippers, snaps, belts, or buttons are allowed on your shorts
  • No watches, jewelry, earrings, and such are allowed, that may present a danger to yourself or anyone else on the field



  • Please look for opportunities to volunteer and let the coach know you are interested in helping out. Ask your coach or division coordinator about how to get started as a coach.

     Except for High School Rec, registration covers both fall and spring, and the soccer teams stay together for both the fall and spring seasons.  High School Rec has separate registrations for fall and for spring due to the involvement in high schoolers in other activities during the year.




Every week the coaches are asked to provide feedback on the referees. If you have feedback, let the coach know after the game - please do not shout it out to the referee during the game!  The Referees are in charge while they are at the field, and players or coaches or parents will be asked to leave for poor behavior.



Rain Outs

We are not allowed to play on fields with standing water, in a heavy rain, or when the fields will be damaged. Also, we must stay off the fields for 30 minutes following any thunder. We are allowed to play in a light rain. Unless you hear from your coach or soccer club at least 1 hour before game or practice time, you should assume that the game or practice will be played. On days when it is drizzling, it might be a good idea to send a light jacket along with your player to wear on the sidelines. 
Click here for more information on Field Closure/Game Cancelation Procedures.


We strongly recommend all parents enroll in the free of charge field closure email notification service offered by Newtown Parks and Rec. To receive automatic email notifications of field closures, click on Sign Up For Automatic Notifications and select Recreation Cancellations.


Generally parents take turns to bring half time refreshments, such as orange slices. Check with your coach for which game you should bring halftime player refreshments. Assume each player will eat about an orange on a hot day and half an orange on a cold day. When you drop off the oranges, please include a trash bag. Your child will be responsible for cleaning up after the game and returning any containers or bags. If you realize you are not going to be able to make it to the game, please swap your refreshment day with another parent. U4/U5/U6 Rec does not play games, thus they do not normally have a “halftime player refreshment”. Check with the coach for details.

Picture Day

Newtown Soccer Club organize a team photograph day, usually in the second or third weekend of the fall season. Your team will be assigned a time for team photographs, normally one hour before your game time. Please show up dressed for your game for the team picture, even if you are not purchasing individual pictures.

Laws of the Game

A good source to learn more about soccer rules is our Referees Page.

Code of Conduct

Newtown Soccer Club has very high expectations and attaches a great deal of importance to the behavior of it's coaches, players, parents and referees. Click here for our Code of Conduct.
Financial Assistance Request


(*note U5 and U6 Rec Players DO NOT need jerseys*)




**NEW **

Newtown Soccer Club Refund Policy


The Newtown Soccer Club incurs significant costs (equipment, field use, insurance, coaching, administrative salaries, etc.) to provide NSC children the opportunity to play soccer. Many of these costs are incurred before the start of each season. Therefore, Fall fees inlcude these costs for both Fall and Spring seasons

Please take this into consideration as you plan your child’s schedule!

* Fall Rec fees include Spring fees as well (Spring is essentially free). If your child is not playing during the Spring session, there will be no refund, no exceptions as of the FALL 2019-SPRING 2020 Registrations and Seasons

Children who move out of town after registration but before the season starts will be charged the applicable processing fee and issued a refund for the remainder of their payment. Children who move out of town during the season will receive a prorated refund (minus the applicable processing fees) based on when in the season the child withdraws from the program.