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Recreational Games - Additional Information:

  • Make sure you have the alternate uniform with you! NSC rec teams wear blue and yellow. Do not wear the same color as the teams.
  • You must arrive on the field no less than 30 minutes prior to the scheduled kick off time.
  • No team is to be ahead by more than 5 goals. If a 4 goal lead occurs, the referee must approach the Coach of the winning team and quietly inform him/her only one additional goal is to be scored. You must call the Referee Assignor after the game if the final score is a winning margin of more than 5 goals.
  • Any cards given in a U14 game should also be reported to the Referee Assignor.
  • If both team coaches approach you prior to the game and ask that less kids play, usually due to lack of players, you may use your discretion to change the number of players. The goal is to play and have fun.
  • Refer to your Referee Handbook and the following rules should questions arise during a game. Do this at half time or at the end of the game.

Recreational Game Rules

Subject U10 Rec U14 Rec
Ball Size 4 5
Number of Players, Including Keeper 7 v 7 11 on 11
Required Goalkeeper Substitutions 2 different keepers per game (1 each half)
Build Out Lines Yes No
Length of Game 25 minute halves 40 minute halves
Duration Between Halves 10 minutes 10 minutes
Player Substitutions Throw-in (your own, if you sub the other team may sub), any goal kick, center kick, injury
Free Kicks, Offside, Possession of Ball by the Keeper, Throw-Ins FIFA Rules
Fouls/Misconduct Verbal warnings to player and coach Red and yellow cards issued; a player receiving a red card will be ejected from the game immediately and will not be able to participate in team’s next match; repeat offenders will face further sanctions
Coaching Area Coaching is allowed from the player side only and only from the midfield line to the top of the box on the team's end of the field; all spectators other than the head coach, assistant coach and team manager, will be placed on the opposite side of the field from the teams and no closer than 2 yards from the touch lines; no one is permitted behind the goal line during the game
Fields Please - no tobacco, no alcohol and no dogs at the fields.


RecPlus Game Rules

Games predominantly follow FIFA Rules for age appropriate groupings.

1. Structure:

      Eligible players; 2nd grade through 12th grade boys and girls

      2nd  through 6th grade leagues will play 8v8 with keepers

      7th grade through 12th grade leagues will play 11v11

      A minimum of four teams will be required for a league

2. Games:

      Minimum of 8 games scheduled

      Jamboree may be offered

      35 minute halves for 2nd through 4th  grade games

      40 minute halves for 5th through 12th grade games

      * Six goal margin maximum strongly enforced. Violations of this rule will result in loss of  home game and must

       pay for referees at way game and possible further sanctions

3. Guidelines:

      No tryouts for teams

      All players must be registered with CJSA

      Certified pools will be required but no passes

      Certified pools will be presented to referees prior to the game

      Travel players allowed with maximum of 4 per team

      No premier players permitted


      Referee age recommendations will follow CJSA guidelines

      50 players maximum pool size for 11v11 leagues

      36 player maximum pool size for 8v8 leagues

      50% playing time for all players

      No standings will be kept


      Each participating town is required to appoint a member to the recreational plus governing 

      board for a seasonal year. The governing board oversees the leagues and acts as liaison to

      clubs. The governing board reports to the SWD Executive Board.