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Are you interested in becoming a regular season referee with Newtown Soccer Club? If you are already certified in the state of CT, CLICK HERE and fill out the contact form. You will then be contacted for further information and assignment details. If you are not yet certified, check out www.ctreferee.net for certification information. Then once you are certified, fill out the contact form above.


New Referee - Grass Roots Training (Formerly - Entry Level Training) registration for 2020 is  OPEN!!!!
Grass Roots certification instructions can be found here.

Please visit https://www.ctreferee.net/ for more information on certification.

(Note: Grade 8 DOES NOT correspond to a referees grade in school. A grade 8 referee is an entry level referee, and can be of any age, as long as they meet the requirements set by CSRP. CSRP does not certify grade 9 referees, as some other states do. The Referee grade number decreases as the referee advances in certification level.) 

It is suggested for new referees to purchase a starter kit online through: 
Official Sports officialsports.com
Individual Items can also be purchased through:
Soccer & Rugby Imports soccerandrugby.com
Referees should be sure to purchase the USSF shirt in YELLOW.
NSC's suggested alternate color is the BLACK shirt. (alternate is required for NSC rec games)

Click below to read the USSF document 


 Recertification for the officiating year 2020 is Open!!!
Please visit https://www.ctreferee.net/ for more information on recertification.

The earlier you re-certify, the less expensive it will be.