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If you need to complete a game report for an assigned game, contact the assignor to create the game in Central Assign. All other games will require a referee summary report to be completed by all referees. Those can be done here:

NSC Referee Game Summary Report


NSC assigned games that require referee reports in Central Assign:

  • All youth matches being played in any of the following competitions, regardless of any unusual incidents or events.
    • Elite League
    • Premier League
    • State Cup
    • Connecticut Cup
  • All youth match’s affiliated with CJSA that has any one of the following situations
    • Any card or coach ejection
    • Serious Injury
    • Unusual event, such as misconduct of spectators, players, substitutes, coaches or managers or other persons which take place either on the field or in its vicinity at any time prior to, during, or after the match in question.


File game reports for required games in Central Assign: 


For Instructions on how to operate within the Central Assign system refer to the downloadable document below: