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Information For Travel Team Parents

  1. The Newtown Soccer Club sponsors Travel (Classic) team play for players eligible to play in the U-9 to U-19 age brackets as defined by the CJSA and USYSA. 
  2. Age groups are determined by birth year.
  3. Teams are created based on being travel ready.  This includes soccer skills, speed, agility, understanding the game, listneing, coachability, and a desire to better his or herself.
  4. Some age groups can have multiple teams.  Blue teams have the stronger players and are registered in more competitive divisions within the age group.  Gold teams can be created if there are enough travel ready players who try out.
  5. Each team is provided a professional coach and possibly an assistant coach.  The coach is dedicated to the team and attends all practices, games and tournaments with the team.
  6. In some cases the coach cannot be available for all games or tournaments and thus an assistant coach is named for the team.  The coach is responsible to find a replacement for any practice, game or tournament if unforeseen circumstances prevent the coach from being able to attend.
  7. To support our high school age players, we will attempt to sponsor teams for boys and girls that could be eligible for play in a U-16 to U-19 league for the spring season.
  8. Playing with a travel team means a commitment for all members of the family and should be considered before signing up for tryouts.  Players will be practicing twice per week with a game each weekend. Depending on the age group, there could be two games per weekend when the team plays in the Connecticut Cup (Fall) and State Cup (Spring) competitions. In addition, teams will be required to attend one Fall tournament and one in the Spring - our own on Memorial Day weekend. These tournaments can mean travel within the state and/or outside of it on holiday weekends. 
  9. The Club strongly endorses winter training as a means to enhance player development. We offer sessions from January - March for each team with their coach. If a player has a conflict during their team's session, he/she is welcome to practice with another team. Winter training is encouraged, but not mandatory.
  10. Estimated costs for travel team participation are $1100 for club registration fees which includes coaching fees. These costs will vary depending on the level of training and number of tournaments attended.  Winter training costs are approximately $250 for 10 weeks at one hour/week, with up to 2 in-house tournaments.
  11. The club provides payment options for families to spread out the payment of the fees over a number of months.
  12. Selection to a travel/state league team is done by competitive tryout. Travel tryouts for the U-9 to U-15 age groups usually start after Memorial Day weekend and last for 2 days. U-16 and U-19 tryouts take place in early December for a Spring-only season. Details are published directly or on our website - www.newtownsoccerclub.org. All candidates must attend the tryouts to be considered for the team.
  13. Tryouts are done to determine the relative ability of all candidates and will focus on individual skills such as passing, trapping, receiving, athletic capability and perceived coachability. Small-sided games will be used to evaluate a candidate's play in a game situation. Independent observers will carry out the judging. 
  14. The observers/assessors who are our NSC professional coaches will rank all candidates with the highest scorers (approximately 9 to 12 players depending on roster size) being selected automatically. At ages above U-9, the coach then has discretion to fill out his roster from the remaining candidates as they deem necessary taking into account their ability, attitude, interest and so forth. Coaches are free to select less than the maximum player level. Maximum Roster Sizes per age group are: U-9 & U-10 - 12 players; U-11 & U-12 - 16 players; U13-U19 - 25 players. 
  15. Contrary to what many believe and may have heard, no one is guaranteed a spot for next year because they have played on a travel team the prior year. Likewise, players who have previously played on a Blue team, may play Gold or vice versa.  This is particularly true for younger age groups because players develop very differently as they are growing. The outstanding player this year may only be in the middle of the pack next year. The growth in new families in town also means that soccer players from other areas are coming and can be more skilled than players here.
  16. We welcome multi-sport athletes and will understand if children need to miss part of a practice for a game. However during soccer season, we encourage you to priortize soccer, especially games and Cup games. 
  17. As this is the Travel level, there is not equal playing time. U-9 and U-10 age groups will be near equal playing time, while U11-U19 coaches will play fair time prioritizing competitiveness. During Cup games, playoffs and finals, there will not be equal playing time. The Coach will play to win, focusing on who he believes are his/her most competitive team on that day.
  18. Code of Conduct

    Newtown Soccer Club has very high expectations and attaches a great deal of importance to the behavior of it's coaches, players, parents and referees.
    Click here for our Code of Conduct