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Newtown Soccer Club Travel Teams will be moving to new uniforms (the Squadra 17) in the Spring of 2017.  All players for age groups U10 through to U13 must have a new uniform in order to participate on a travel team for the spring season.

Link to register for jersey and short sizes

Link to Squadra 17 Jersey Picture

Link to Squadra 17 Shorts Picture


Why is the club moving to new uniforms?  Newtown Soccer Club has an agreement with Adidas for rights to provide the club with uniforms.  Our current uniforms have been phased out of production distribution as of the beginning of this Fall season and is no longer available for clubs to purchase.  Travel teams must be consistent with all player uniforms on a single team which is creating the need to transition to a new uniform.

How long will the new uniform be available for the club?  The Squadra 17 uniform will be available for the club through the year 2020.

Why transition in the Spring rather than the Fall of 2017?  The club is willing to help subsidize the transition to the new uniforms for existing travel players.  This can be supported through the transition of all existing players for the upcoming Spring season.  New players in the Fall will purchase uniforms through the normal uniform ordering process which is executed year over year.  The transition to new uniforms in the Fall for both new and returning players requires a level of support which the club cannot provide at this time.

How much will the club help fund?  The Newtown Soccer Club board has agreed to subsidize 50% of the total cost of a new uniform for all returning travel players from previous years.  This is roughly $38 per player but the club will continue to look for ways to decrease the subsidized cost.  The final cost will be communicated before being applied to family accounts on May 1st.

When is the uniform fee due for collection?  The uniform fee will be added to player accounts as of May 1st and can be paid anytime until June 1st, including as part of registration for attending June tryouts.  Bottom line, it can be paid anytime up until June 1st.

What is included as part of the uniform transition?  The uniform transition will include 1 away jersey, 1 home jersey, 1 pair of shorts.  Socks, backpack, training jacket, and practice T is not affected by this transition.

What if I just started with Travel this Fall, do I need to purchase a new uniform?  Yes, you must still transition to a new uniform but for all new travel players who joined travel for the first time in the Fall season of 2016, the Newtown Soccer Club board has agreed to fully subsidize the transition so there is no extra cost for those players.

What if my child doesn’t make a travel team for Fall 2017?  The club will work with you to figure out reimbursement plan for the amount paid.

What if my child outgrows the uniform between Spring 2017 and Fall of 2017?  The club will work with you to figure out a replacement plan.  As always the choice of size should be based on your child being part of travel for multiple years and allow for growth.