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Referee Information for Coaches/Managers:


  • Only the Referee Assignor can schedule referees, even for friendly games.

  • At least one week's notice is required to schedule a referee. Changes made within 72 hours of report time are not guaranteed referees and risk forfeiture.

  • A maximum of 4 Coach(es)/Manager(s)/Team Official(s) are allowed on the sideline with the players during the game. All Players and Team Officials must have their registration card and be on the team roster to be on the sideline during any game. 

  • Referees are State Certified. Please respect their calls during the game, even if you disagree with them. Any questions or feedback should be reserved until the end of the game. Do not harass a referee under any circumstances.

  • Should there be a question as to a referee's call that is not settled during the game, email the assignor and file a report.  If not resolved, the coach, player or parent should then address the President of the Newtown Soccer Club.  If still not resolved, then the Newtown Soccer Club Board of Directors should be notified.

  • Coaches should email the Referee Assignor directly with any questions or feedback.

  • Notify the Referee Assignor if a referee arrives late to a game.


  • Effective Spring 2016, referees will be paid by check for Regular season games thru Newtown Soccer Club. Cash will no longer be distributed to coaches for regular referee payment.

  • Referees are no longer required to sign any documentation.

  • Friendly game payment is the responsibility of the teams.

  • Cup Games are paid in cash on the field prior to the end of the first half by the home team. If you have a home cup game, please plan accordingly or your team will risk forfeiture.

Misconduct Toward a Referee

  • It is the coach's responsibility to control themselves, their players, and their spectators. If a parent/coach issue persists, the referee is authorized to and will call the game. All such conflicts should be reported to the Referee Assignor immediately after the game by the coach and the referee.

  • Any player, coach, or manager who threatens a referee through a physical act or verbal statement, either explicitly or implicitly, shall be suspended for a period of at least three consecutive matches.  The abuse suspension shall commence with the first match after which the individual has been found to have committed this act.  Abuse shall include, but is not limited to: verbal and nonverbal communication which contains foul or abusive language and which implies or directly threatens physical harm; spewing a beverage on or spitting at a referee or the referee’s personal property. 

  • Any player, coach, or manager who commits an intentional act of physical violence at or upon a referee shall be suspended without pay for a period of at least six consecutive matches.  The assault suspension shall commence with the first match after which the individual has been found to have committed this act.  Referee assault shall include, but is not limited to:  striking, kicking, choking, grabbing or bodily running into a referee; spitting on a referee with ostensible intent to do so; kicking or throwing an object at an official that could inflict injury; or damaging the referee’s uniform or personal property (e.g. car, uniform, or equipment).

Please feel free to contact the Referee Assignor any time with questions or concerns. The referees are a great resource, and are in the process of learning their critical role. Only with your support, respect and helpful comments can they improve their skills and continue to love the game.