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Friendly Game Guidelines

  1. Friendly games are coordinated and agreed to between the two teams playing.  Friendly games are not scheduled by the SWD or the Newtown Soccer Club.
  2. Once a game is agreed to, a request should go to the Newtown Soccer Club Field coordinator to assign a field.  The field and time for the game may adjust based on availability of the field due to other scheduled sports games.  League games, CT Cup games, High School games and scheduled team practices for any Newtown Soccer Club team, High School team, or CFC team takes precedence.
  3. Once the game is scheduled you must define how you wish to approach refs for the game.  If the game will occur on a field in Newtown, and you would like there to be referees, you must go through the NSC Referee Assignor. If you are the home team and your game is occuring outside of Newtown, there are two options:
    1. You can schedule your friendly through the SWD site, in which case the game will be assigned refs by the Newtown Soccer Club.
      • The Newtown Soccer Club will assign 3 refs to the game
      • The referee fees are the same as the standard ref fees as stated in the referee payment schedule
      • The referee fees are NOT reimbursed by the club.  Any exceptions to this must be approved by the VP of Travel or VP of Rec.
      • The referee fees should be shared between the two teams playing.  There is nothing preventing you from paying the entire fee amount.  You should request this from the team you are playing and make this an item that is agreed to before agreeing to play.
    2. You can take the responsibility of finding a referee(s) for the game on your own.
      • You can decide to have as many referees as you like as long as the opposing team understands and agrees to the number.
      • Ensure you agree on payment terms as part of this responsibility
      • Ensure the opposing team is aware of this approach and is in agreement.  # of refs, payment, experience of the ref, etc.
  4. At the game, the referee should be paid prior to the game commencing.
  5. There is no need to show or provide player passes or rosters to the referee(s) at the game.
  6. Play Ball!